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Dear Friends,

No matter how you drape it, tie it or fold it, there is simply no end to the many ways to wear a beautiful scarf! People who want to get more out of their present wardrobe should concentrate on accessories!

Even though fashion can change at the drop of a hat, a timeless accessory is NEVER out of style!

This winter colors such as burgundy and gold, grey and red are in the spotlight. Otherwise there doesn’t seem to be much direction - just a tendency to revert to smart classic clothes and cuts. (Nothing dates an outfit more than an extreme style!)

Try draping a scarf around one of your handbag handles - it’s flirty and whimsical at the same time.

If you have some free time, go through your closet and weed out the clothes that don’t fit, the “bad buys”, or the ones you no longer like or feel suit you. Elegance and grace go hand in hand, and knowing how to accessorize is a key to dressing well.

We all have staples in our wardrobes, but sometimes they need an accent to set them apart from everyone else!

So free up your space and reinvent yourself by taking select pieces from your inventory and sprucing them up with a beautiful scarf!!

Yours truly,
~ Belle

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