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Evoking the spirit of King Arthur's court, this dashing knight on his steed prance within castle walls on a tapestry carpet of millefleurs guarded by a fanciful dragon, a leopard, a greyhound and a unicorn!

Autumnal shades of pine, willow and holly interspersed with touches of wedgewood blue, steel, burgundy and maple create a millefleurs background motif. The knight clad in silvery armor sits astride his steed in ornamental finery of golden honey and ruby red, and the favorite royal beasts in the corners echo these warm tones. A forest green border completes the frame.

This majestic scarf is perfect for Autumn and Fall, with its spectrum of muted leaf shades, and for those of you who love nature!

Its multi-colored character makes it extremely versatile, and it goes with almost anything!

36"x36"square, imported
Hand-rolled edge
100% Silk Twill, 18 mm/DRY CLEAN ONLY
COST: $129.

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